Electra’s Café Moto Go! 6
Electra Bikes comes with an ultimate combination of modern technology and retro style of an e-Bike called Electra’s Café Moto Go!. It is a highly stylized e-Bike inspired by a café racer with the next level of e-bike concept. This e-bike is a limited edition powered by a Bosch Performance Speed motor that can reach 28mph of speed with hydraulic disc brakes.
Bull E 5
New options for electric propulsion motorbike are constantly emerging. The latest one came with the name Bull-e, an electric scooter designed inspired by the bull, the result of which is overflowing with muscle.
Ftn Motion 5
FTN Motion is a young New Zealand startup. This very young manufacturer has just launched the pre-order of an amazing electric moped, the FTN Motion Founders Edition.
Super Soco Tc Max 2
The electrification era has left many manufacturers drooling with potential profits. The same thing might quite be associated with the Super Soco, which recently officially presented the TC Max.