Turbohub 5
For those who often handle large amounts of data, external SSDs have become indispensable in recent years. The tech is convenient for quickly saving and editing the data of the recorded video. TurboHub is the SSD that has a hub function. Equipped with six ports, you can read and export data with this one.
Microsoft Surface Pro 7 5
Microsoft officially released the Surface Pro 7+ , an upgraded version of the previous Surface Pro 7. The replenish tablet looks similar in a lot of sectors such as dimensions, display panel, and port placement is the same as the Pro 7, which was released in 2019, but also has essential changes, especially in the specifications it carries.
Aromatech Aromini Bt 2
Nowadays, there are many diffusers, some of the ultrasonic type and others of the nebulizer type. Despite the claim from both sides, Aromatech packed the latter technology on its AroMini BT.
Wristcam 5
After making its debut on the crowdfunding platform four years ago, Wristcam is officially introduced to the public. The tech hasn't changed much, but visually, this product has come through a lot.
Hammerhead Karoo 2 8
Hammerhead is a fairly young company that wanted to stir up the GPS bike computer market with the Karoo some time ago and in a certain way managed to do it. Now the company want to cement their position with Karoo2.
Amazfit Pop Pro 1
Last October, the popular smartwatch maker Amazfit presented two smartwatches, Amazfit GTR 2 and Amazfit GTS 2. Early this December, the company launched another new product, one of which is the Mini version of the Amazfit GTS 2. Then the other smartwatch is the Amazfit Pop Pro, another variation of Amazfit Pop.
Airpods Max 1
Apple finally introduced its newest audio product, which is an over-ear headphone called AirPods Max. The presence of these headphones has actually been rumored for several months and is now officially revealed.
Thermbot 1
Temperature measurement in everyday life is becoming commonplace, but carrying a bulky thermometer can be a hassle, and the battery can run out when you want to use it. But worry not because ThermBot is ready to take over the task.