Instax SQUARE SQ20 5
Instax SQUARE SQ20 has a grab motion feature that can be used to record a short 15-second video then choose the best photo frame from the video to print it. This camera also has a feature that looks like burst mode in a digital camera, a shift collage. With this feature, the users can take 4 photos in a predetermined period of time.
InstantKon RF70 1
The new generation of a camera from MiNT which is easy to be controlled is InstantKon RF70. It is an awesome camera that can give the power of instant experience for all its users. InstantKon RF70 is not only tangible but also real and unedited. It is like the early vintage polaroids but much more accessible and affordable for all photographers.
FUJIFILM has a mirrorless digital camera system called GFX. This system continues its evolution in FUJIFILM GFX100 with large format CMOS sensor, 55mm diagonal length, and more than 100 million pixels. It is a digital camera with a unique blend of imaging and optical technologies for the world of professional photography. The new future of photography has come.
Rylo 5
This camera works well with the most iOS and Android phones to provide easy use in capturing every special moment. Rylo can capture everything in 360° all around with 5.8K resolution. This camera also has cinematic stabilization, offering a spend less time holding the camera steady. The integrated horizon-leveling technology gives a helping hand in making any videos rock solid.
Built for professional performance, LUMIX S1R Kit from Panasonic offers an incredible clarity in shoot and high quality in result. It is not a regular full-frame mirrorless camera but also the best thing that can transport every user of it to the new world of image creation. With the best features ever, LUMIX S1R Kit has 47.3-megapixel full-frame MOS sensor, providing an excellent performance and wide dynamic range.
VAVA Dash Cam 2K VD005 4
Capturing number plates in QHD is very easy for VAVA Dash Cam 2K-VD005. This dash camera is designed with the OV4689 CMOS sensor with high dynamic range and sensitivity. It also can create sharp QHD 2K recording anytime. The users even can capture every moment on the road with its a groundbreaking swivel build and have memorable carpool karaokes with the noise-reduction mic.
Insta360 GO 5
This twenty-gram steady cam is built for the highlights. Insta360 GO comes FlowState stabilization for smooth footage. This cam also has AI-powered FlashCut for the best shots and fast editing. It can be mounted too easily anywhere with its wide range of in-the-box accessories. With white color and minimalist design, this steady cam is also perfect as a small accessory.
α6600 Premium E Mount APS C Camera 1
Sony α6600 has a full-fledged toolkit to deliver everything needed in a shoot. This awesome camera offers steady image stabilization and stunning image quality with a high-capacity battery and serious 4K HDR (HLG) movie shooting for all kinds of imagination.
Shoulderpod 2
For journalists, filmmakers, and content creators, Shoulderpod is a perfect professional mobile equipment for them. This pod can be used to tell awesome stories with smartphone cameras and share them easily to everyone. It comes with three different types: S2, R2, and X1.
XT Camera System 2
Meet XT Camera System, one of the best camera systems for the breathtaking quality of the images. The users can have a standard for image quality in a medium format. It also offers a modular and travel-friendly design with a stylish and aesthetic form for convenience that fits easily into every lifestyle.
Fujifilm X Pro3 4
Fujifilm X-Pro3 offers pure photography with a unique viewfinder and texture of titanium. This camera is designed for any environment with its titanium finish, luxurious black body, and special Duratect coating. The frame is made from magnesium while the base plate and the top cover are made from corrosion-resistant titanium.