This finest car is a 1932 Monaco Grand Prix car model driven by Trazio Nuvolari. Alfa Romeo 2300 8C Monaco GP (1932) – 1:8 Scale dominates the season at the French and German Grand Prix with wins. It has an excellent power-to-weight ratio with more benefits from the enlarged 2665cc version which is fed through two superchargers.

Alfa Romeo retired from racing in 1993 and the brigade success to carry the mantle of 8C. It means the 8C supremacy can continue to perform well, especially on track into the middle of the decade. This race car also has undoubted style and character that make it as an icon of the age.

With a luxury black presentation box, each Amalgam 1:8 scale model can be supplied well. This box is mounted on a leather base or carbon fiber protected by an acrylic duct cover. The edition number, original branding and also model title are displayed on the stainless steel plaques. These plaques are mounted at the base front end.

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