Electric Classic Ford Bronco 9
Zero Labs comes with a combination of clean energy future and soul of the past named Electric Classic Ford Bronco. These are premium classic electric vehicles powered by a covert all-electric drive system. The design is refinement, superior luxury, environment-friendly, and also low maintenance. Electric Classic Ford Bronco is also handcrafted and restored in order to show ta car quality seamlessly.
VertuoPlus Matte Black 3
Every espresso lover should have this one in their kitchen. VertuoPlus Matte Black from NESPRESSO is perfect for them who ask for quality in enjoying an espresso. This machine allows the user to explore more Nespresso coffee styles even in larger cups with five sizes, from Espresso to Alto in an automated and easy way.
Alfa Romeo 2300 8C Monaco GP (1932) 18 Scale 1
This finest car is a 1932 Monaco Grand Prix car model driven by Trazio Nuvolari. Alfa Romeo 2300 8C Monaco GP (1932) - 1:8 Scale dominates the season at the French and German Grand Prix with wins. It has an excellent power-to-weight ratio with more benefits from the enlarged 2665cc version which is fed through two superchargers.
500 Series MTB EBike 1
500 Series MTB e-Bike from Ride1UP is perfect for an everyday long-distance rider. This e-Bike has a comfortable and very upright riding position, it fits a wide range of rider sizes because of the drop in its frame. The speed is about 26 mph (PAS) 20 mph Throttle with 500 watt rear hub motor. The range of 500 Series MTB e-Bike is 25-50+ miles depends on an incline, terrain, and also rider weight.
Denon Flagship AVR X8500H 5
The Denon Flagship AVR-X8500H is a home theater next generation with world’s first 13.2 channel receiver. It supports a lot of latest immersive audio formats including unparalleled music playback options, DTS:X, Dolby Atmos, and IMAX Enhanced. With the built-in HEOS technology, Amazon Alexa voice, and Apple AirPlay 2, it has a seamless control to be used.
Summit 2 Titanium Sport Edition 1
Summit 2 Titanium Sport Edition dilengkapi dengan layar 1.2 inci AMOLED dengan resolusi 390x390 (327 ppi). Dengan sistem operasi Wear OS dari Google, cocok disandingkan dengan ponsel Android ataupun iOS. Baterai 340mAh nya mampu bertahan hingga 5 hari pemakaian. Jam tangan ini dibanderol dengan harga mulai dari Rp. 17 jutaan.
Retro 3 In 1 Family Size Breakfast Station 1
Retro 3-In-1 Family Size Breakfast Station is also equipped with a timer that will automatically deactivate. Retro 3-In-1 Family Size Breakfast Station requires 1500 watts of electricity. Retro 3-In-1 Family Size Breakfast Station is suitable for small families, or for preparing small party meals.
Polar M200 4
The Polar M200 has a 180mAh battery, which can last up to 6 days for normal use. Polar M200 uses an internal storage with a capacity of 4MB and is equipped with a GPS sensor, heart rate, bluetooth, and others. Polar M200 is available in 3 color choices: black, white and blue.
T183 4
T183 tersedia dalam 4 kapasitas penyimpanan, yaitu 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, dan 128GB. T183 menggunakan antarmuka USB versi 3.1 generasi 1, sehingga cukup cepat ketika membaca dan menulis data. Flashdisk ini menggunakan bahan metal yang keras dan kuat. Sehingga tidak akan mudah patah atau rusak.
Iced Coffee Maker 2
Just as the name suggests, Iced Coffee Maker is a cold coffee maker. Uniquely, this Zoku-made tool is able to make hot coffee into cold coffee in a relatively short time. No more than 5 minutes. By making cold coffee using this tool, you don't need to add ice cubes.
M1 Maverick Bifold Wallet menggunakan perpaduan bahan aluminum CNC Machined 6061 dengan bahan DTEX material yang dikembangkan khusus oleh perusahaan. Bahan ini sangat kuat bahkan mampu menahan tembakan sebuah peluru. Selain itu bahan tersebut juga elasties, tidak berkarat dan tahan air.
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