Human Headphones 1
With the 3 in 1 true wireless design, Human Headphones delivers over-the-ear quality with the ear-buds. These headphones are powerful, equipped with rich platform packed into minimalist size. The innovative design offers a more stylish look anytime and anywhere.
Bose Portable Home Speaker 1
Portable Home Speaker from Bose is smart and also powerful. It is a voice-controlled speaker, a portable Bluetooth speaker, and a wireless home speaker. It can be controlled via Wi-Fi and voice to stream music from the cloud. And when there is no Wi-Fi, this speaker can be controlled with a mobile phone or via Bluetooth. Bose Portable Home Speaker offers 360 degrees of astonishing Bose sound anywhere and anytime.
Insta360 GO 5
This twenty-gram steady cam is built for the highlights. Insta360 GO comes FlowState stabilization for smooth footage. This cam also has AI-powered FlashCut for the best shots and fast editing. It can be mounted too easily anywhere with its wide range of in-the-box accessories. With white color and minimalist design, this steady cam is also perfect as a small accessory.
LightSKIN 4
LightSKIN is a German approved built-in light seatpost that can brighten both the back and front part of a bike based on the rider's need. The idea of LightSKIN comes from the habit of rider that usually keeps the object inside some sort of storage unit. This lighting is designed with integrated LED lenses buttons which is very easy to be embedded at the handlebar and seatpost.
Huayra Roadster BC 3
Pagani is designed a stylish-inspired car called Huayra Roadster BC at the highest level with beauty and scientific research. It is a new work of art based on a burning desire that came to life in 2017. The chassis of this car is designed with carbo-triax HP63 monocoque and Pagani carbo-titanium HP62 G2 complete with rear and front tubular steel subframes.
Mantis TAXA Outdoors 2
When a family needs a little more space, Mantis from TAXA Outdoors comes with some great additional features. It is an outdoor habitat for go-anywhere durability. The additional features of Mantis include cassette toilet, wet bath, 20-gallon freshwater capacity, water heater, and interior two-burner stove.
Avial E Bike 5
Built like an Aeroplane, Avial e-Bike is a different e-bike from others. It has a rear motor and mid-drive 250W with a patented frame made from aircraft-grade aluminum. This e-bike also has time-tested Shimano components with Gearsensor as a sensor in the transmission, providing smooth shift gears for comfortable movements.
Max Bill Chronoscope 100 Jahre Bauhaus 1
In order to celebrate 100 years of Bauhaus, Max Bill Chronoscope 100 Jahre Bauhaus comes with awesome design features. This watch is limited to 1000 watches only, a special watch from Junghans. The design of this watch is influenced by the architecture of the Bauhaus building.
Yeti Cycles SB140 1
In just under a year, Yeti Cycles has unveiled their fifth bike called SB140. Yeti Cycles - SB140 is a trail bike with revised kinematics and also progressive geometry. This awesome bike has a 77-degree seat tube angle and 65-degree head tube angle, providing a forward seated position ideal for the riders who love to climb. With the new 140mm/5.5″ travel, SB140 becomes a perfect do-it-all trail bike.
Calamus One Ultrabike 5
It is the world's safest and most advanced Electric Bike from Ultrabike with GPS, biometric scanner, and Blindspot assist. Calamus One creates a new class of e-bike with a number of smart features. The frames of this e-bike are custom-casted uni-bodies with 100% internal cabling, creating a bespoke look with sleek contours. It is also very responsive with carbon belts from Gates and Ultra-drive mid-motors from Bafang.
SHERP Ultimate ATV 6
All Terrain Vehicle or ATV from SHERP is designed to be in the heart of nature and to discover the world. SHERP Ultimate ATV has 44.3 hp of its maximum power, 3.7 mph of maximum speed in the water, 2204 lb of capacity and 23 in of clearance. The design of this ATV is made based on reliability and simplicity.
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