Jbl Synthesis 2 Way Bookshelf Loudspeaker (4)
JBL Synthesis has announced a new stand-mount loudspeaker called the  4309. It's essentially a more compact version of the 4349 bookshelf monitor speakers with better specifications.
2022 Kia Carnival (3)
After a long wait, Kia Motors has finally revealed the price of the new Carnival 2022, which is known for its wide cabin, luxurious interior, and unique design.
Polaroid Go 5
The compact body design is indeed one of the advantages of the instant camera, Instax, from Fujifilm. However, Instax has now found a tough competitor from Polaroid Go.
Bowers & Wilkins Pi7 Pi5 1
Well-known British audio manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins has just revealed its first TWS. Not just one, but two at once, PI7 and PI5. The overall design of the two wireless headphones may be similar, but there are significant differences between them.
Vninet By Vagabund Moto 4
Made by the Austrian specialist Vagabund Moto, the BMW R nineT has been stripped of the excessive and equipped with the highest quality components, some of which are also made with 3D printers. The end product is now known as VnineT.
Nomad MagSafe Mount
Designed with iPhone 12 users in mind, Nomad has recently announced its newest smart gadget for its Apple charging environment line-up called the MagSafe Mount.
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