Nike has once again revolutionized the world of marathon running with the introduction of the Nike Alphafly 3. This latest iteration is not just an upgrade; it’s a complete redefinition of speed and comfort for runners at all levels.

A Legacy of Speed

The Alphafly series has been a game-changer since its inception. In 2019, Nike athlete Eliud Kipchoge made history in a prototype of the Nike Alphafly NEXT%, breaking the 2-hour marathon barrier. This milestone set the stage for the Alphafly’s dominance in marathon racing.

Innovative Design for Peak Performance

The Alphafly 3 is the lightest and most rigorously tested version in the series. It’s designed to help athletes of all paces break barriers in marathon running. The shoe features a unique combination of Air Zoom units, ZoomX foam, and a carbon fiber Flyplate, providing an unparalleled blend of speed, cushioning, and responsiveness.

Key Updates for Enhanced Experience

Nike has fine-tuned the Alphafly 3 with several significant updates:

  • A continuous bottom for a smoother heel-to-toe transition.
  • A wider full-length carbon fiber Flyplate for a more stable, propulsive ride.
  • The new Fast Shot outsole for optimal traction and grip.
  • An improved Atomknit 3.0 upper for better containment, breathability, and midfoot support.

Designed for All Marathoners

The Alphafly 3 is not just for elite athletes. It’s been tested and validated by marathoners of all levels, ensuring that it meets the diverse needs of the running community. The shoe’s design focuses on maximizing stability, comfort, and a propulsive ride in a lightweight package.

A Nod to Nike’s Development Process

The debut “Prototype” colorway of the Nike Alphafly 3 pays homage to Nike’s athlete testing and development process. This all-white silhouette features vibrant details, including the dual Air Zoom units and unique identifiers like the athlete wear-test number and “V62” on the Atomknit upper.


The “Prototype” colorway of the Nike Alphafly 3 will be available from January 4, 2024, at, on the Nike app, and at select running specialty stores. Additional colorways are expected to follow.

  • Rg119l Sp24 Alphafly3 Ta Swanson Proto Profile 3827 1x1
  • Rg119l Sp24 Alphafly3 Ta Swanson Proto Bottom 3728
  • Rg119l Sp24 Alphafly3 Ta Swanson Proto Top 3754
  • Rg119l Sp24 Alphafly3 Ta Swanson Proto Detail 3563

Source: Nike