Nikon Corporation has announced the release of its new full-frame mirrorless camera, the Nikon Z f. The camera features a heritage design inspired by Nikon’s iconic FM2 film camera from the 1970s and 1980s. The magnesium-alloy body boasts an elegant glossy finish, and the dials, shutter-release button, and power switch are made of brass for a high-quality feel. Users can even customize the color of the artificial leather on the camera from one of six Premium Exterior color options, depending on the region.

Advanced Imaging Features

The Z f is not just about looks; it’s packed with advanced imaging technologies. It comes equipped with a full-frame sensor and the same EXPEED 7 image-processing engine as the flagship Nikon Z 9. The camera offers exceptional autofocus (AF) and vibration reduction (VR) performance, meeting the diverse needs of creators. It also introduces new Picture Controls like [Flat Monochrome] and [Deep Tone Monochrome], and a dedicated [B&W] position on the photo/video selector for immediate switching to black-and-white photo mode.

Expanding Creative Possibilities

The Z f supports pixel-shift shooting, a first for the Nikon Z series. This feature allows the creation of high-resolution photos by merging multiple NEF (RAW) files. The camera also includes Creative Picture Controls, further expanding the possibilities for imaging expression.

Video Capabilities for Diverse Needs

The Z f offers robust video performance, supporting in-camera, 10-bit H.265 recording. It allows for 4K UHD video recording using 6K oversampling and can record up to approximately 125 minutes of 4K UHD/60p video. The camera inherits convenient video recording capabilities from the Z 9, including adjustable ISO sensitivity and a red frame display during video recording.

Cutting-Edge Technologies for Superior Performance

Equipped with the EXPEED 7 image-processing engine, the Z f supports superior tracking performance with subject detection. It also features a 5-axis in-camera vibration reduction (VR) that demonstrates performance equivalent to an 8.0-stop increase in shutter speed. The Z f is the world’s first camera to support focus-point VR, which suppresses blur at the edges of the frame.

Additional Features

  • First Nikon camera to support video recording in shutter-priority auto mode.
  • Supports the HEIF format for high-quality still images with reduced file size.
  • Equipped with two memory card slots, one for SD cards and the other for Micro SD cards.
  • Superior dust- and drip-resistance for worry-free shooting in harsh environments.
  • Pic 230920 01 03
  • 13600 Z F Moss Green
  • 13599 Z F Sunset Orange
  • 13598 Z F Sepia Brown
  • 13597 Z F Bordeaux Red
  • 13596 Z F Srone Grey
  • 13595 Z F Indigo Blue
  • 1761 Z F Black

Source: Nikon