This product is the best solution for those who always forget about their own keys, especially door keys of their homes. August Smart Lock Pro is used with the top-rated app to control the door to lock or unlock, see who came and left, grant guest access, and remote access to let anyone in from anywhere with a Connect Wi-Fi Bridge.

Just simply attaches August Smart Lock Pro to the existing deadbolt on the inside of the door. The outside lock stays the same and the users can keep their existing keys. It will set automatically to lock when the homeowner leaves up to 30 minutes after. The Auto-Unlock can recognize the homeowner when arrives and unlocks the door as the homeowner approaches.

Smart Phone + Apple Watch offers full control through a smartphone or Apple Watch only with a single tap. August Smart Lock Pro works with Android and iOS devices. With Guest Keys and the app, it is very easy to set yo recurring access for minutes, hours, days or more to allow trusted people like babysitters, dog walkers, house cleaners, or extended family in and out.

A separate Wi-Fi bridge is required to enable voice speaker integrations and remote access with the Bluetooth connection. The DoorSense™ technology in August Smart Lock Pro can tell the homeowner when the door is open or closed. While the Activity Feed + Notifications provides information to see who comes and goes.

August Smart Lock Pro is also designed with Privacy + Data Security that consists of Two-Factor Authentication, Two-Layer Encryption, and Lost Phone Feature. It is easy to connect this product with any existing smart home and Alexa, the Google Assistant, or Siri to enable the voice commands.

AugustSmart Lock Pro 1

AugustSmart Lock Pro 2