Developed by Tirol-based startup, Bobsla GmbH, Bobsla is one of the best e-vehicles for inclusion people the snow resorts. It is a new electric vehicle for the winter season 2019/2020. The 4-5 Bobsla machines are combined with spare batteries, charging stations, and time measuring systems to deliver a great performance ever.

Bobsla doesn’t need a hill, it can be used and enjoyed on a relatively small patch of flat snow between 50 to 100 m (164 to 328 feet) long. This new electric vehicle is designed to be learned on the fly without any after a quick on-snow rundown of operation and controls. It is also a more affordable e-snowmobile than others.

Bobsla 1

Bobsla 2

Bobsla 3

Bobsla 4

Bobsla 5

Bobsla 6