PX7 Wireless Headphones offer the highest level of experiencing music. These over-ear noise-canceling wireless headphones will put the music lovers in the center of the music. The 43.6mm drivers in these headphones are the largest headphone collection from Bowers and Wilkins that built from legend.

One of the best features in PX7 Wireless Headphones is the adaptive noise canceling that responds to the environment automatically. 30 hours of flight offers the music lovers to do a lot of things with these headphones on a single battery charge only. A 15-minute quick charge also gives five more hours.

These headphones are designed to obey every move. The music will automatically stop when the ear cup is lifted and the music will play on when the ear cup is put back. Inspired by race cars, PX7 Wireless Headphones have the strength and agility of the fastest vehicles in the world with the woven carbon fiber composite arms for channeling pure sound.

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