COROS comes with an adventure watch called VERTIX GPS Adventure Watch. This awesome watch is designed for all adventurer with complete features and durability design. It is a watch for attitude and altitude with the longest battery life and altitude acclimation assistance. Wherever the adventure is, VERTIX is always ready for all kinds of go-to choices.

VERTIX GPS Adventure Watch offers a bezel showcase and featherlight, corrosion free titanium frame for its durability. The screen is made from sapphire glass with Diamond-Like Coating. It also has a longer battery life which is enough for a thru-hike or a Himalayan expedition without a charge. VERTIX is the only GPS Watch with a 150-meter waterproof rating.

The weight of this adventure watch is just 54 grams, making it as the lightest watch ever. VERTIX GPS Adventure Watch also features Altitude Mode for 24/7 blood oxygen monitoring and it works well even in extremely cold weather. The users can track their path, provide precise analysis of performances and training load, and recommends the best recovery.

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