This aircraft is an evolution of flight from Autel Robotics. EVO Aircraft comes with an awesome design for all kinds of adventure. It is a compact folding unit designed with a powerful camera to record 4k resolution video. EVO Aircraft also can record the video up to 100mbps in speed in an H.264 or the H.265 codec. With real-glass optics, it can capture photos with a wide dynamic range.

EVO Aircraft is also equipped with integrated advanced computer vision systems that provide bottom sensors, rear obstacle detection, and forward obstacle avoidance for stable indoor flights and more accurate landings. This aircraft can fly up to 30 minutes with 4.3 miles in range. It also lets the users know when the time to return home or when the battery is low.

The size of EVO Aircraft is compact and light with 338 mm of its diagonal wheelbase, 863 gram of the weight, and 8.3″ x 2.9″ of the propeller size. It has three flight modes: GPS, ATTI, SPORT. The users can use three different still photography modes: single shot, burst shooting, Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) Time-lapse. EVO Aircraft also includes a remote controller which is available to be connected with the free Autel Explorer app.

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