This fashionable and unique watch can turn time into art. Humism has a brilliance design with a sleek strap. It is an artistic watch with a beauty of time’s movement. The first collection of this watch is called Philosophies, consist of Geist, Eudaimonia, and Dasein. Humism is viewed as a canvas with a lot of unique design possibilities.

With three sculpted discs instead of two, the design of Dasein can offer more variation across time. For Eudaimonia, four concentric rings of circles are combined with linear layers and smooth animation scales to create a balanced design. While Geist has uneven layers and varying angles that can produce organic forms and create an illusion of differing speeds.

This automatic watch is also crafted from premium materials only meticulously and those materials are sourced from around the world. Humism is also about a social heart. 5% of this watch sales are donated to the charity, participating to make the world as a better place for living.

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