Meet KEEP from KEEP Labs Inc., the first home storage device to store the stash in a smart, discreet, and secure manner. Designed and engineered from the ground up with a focus on functionality, discreetness, and security, KEEP comes as a smart storage device with its modern aesthetic and discreet design to help anyone organized and secure their products.

This product is designed expertly to make sure that only the owner can access the stash. It also lets the user lock and unlock the stash with a look or touch on a phone through state-of-the-art facial recognition tech, and WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

KEEP can send push alerts to the user phone in case there is someone tries to access or move the device. As an award-winning product, it features a sleek monochromatic design with clean lines, modern aesthetics, and a backlit LED display to show weather and time. It also lets the user knows how much product they have at all time with a built-in scale.

The user can store their trash in sortable sealed containers with KEEP. The built-in rolling tray and a designated space for accessories will help the user to stay organized and also reduce the clutter in a beautifully designed package. KEEP has a simple design that can blend to any home with its two minimalist colors: chalk white and slate black.