A concept tractor was demonstrated by Kubota Corporation at a new product exhibition held on January 15-16, 2020 in Kyoto City called a “Dream Tractor”. This concept is unveiled to commemorate the 130th anniversary of its founding. Kubota “Dream Tractor” is equipped with electrification technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

It is a completely autonomous tractor, representing the farming future drawn by Kubota. Kubota “Dream Tractor” comes as a smart farming solution to solve labor shortage and low operating efficiency. The advanced technologies in this concept tractor can anticipate the full-scale introduction of smart farming.

The key features of Kubota “Dream Tractor” include its futuristic design by new construction designing concept with smooth shape, operated by AI that can choose the appropriate operation and makes actions timely, 100% electric power by a combination of solar batteries and lithium-ion batteries.

The four-wheeled crawler in Kubota “Dream Tractor” offers stable autonomous driving on any conditions. It also changes this concept tractor to maintain its height at the optimal level. While the in-wheel motor allows the user to arbitrarily change the rotation speed of the four crawlers.

Kubota Dream Tractor 1