The iconic 1960s American muscle car comes in LEGO® Creator 1960s Ford Mustang, a fun lego to play. It features 5-spoke rims with road-gripping tires, GT emblems, bonnet scoop, white racing stripes, printed mustang grille badge, and dark-blue bodywork. This toy is developed directly with input from Ford with optional add-ons for customization.

LEGO® Creator 1960s Ford Mustang provides easy access to its detailed interior with a mid-console gearshift, working steering, radio, and also handsome seats. This authentic replica of a 1960s Ford Mustang has a removable roof panel with openable door and trunk. The design is very detail with battery, hoses, filter, and even a selection of license plates.

The realistic engine detailing can be seen by lifting the hood. The lift of rear axle also can be adjusted for a real man look. The special elements of New-for-March-2019 include the 2×4 bow with ‘GT’ Emblem, 1×3 mustang logo tile, 5-spoke rims, and 2×8 brick with a bow. LEGO® Creator 1960s Ford Mustang is 13” (34cm) in length with 5″ (14 cm) in width and 3″ (10 cm) in height.

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