The new Leica SL2 has an unparalleled quality to create incredible photos. The design of this camera is made to inspire, crafted in Germany with an unmatched all-metal solid construction and elegant leather wrap. The unique user interface is simple and also intuitive, allowing the photographer to focus on picture taking.

Leica SL2 offers 4k on full-frame and up to 60fps to perform exceptionally demanding video production tasks. It also has Cine Mode for a professional film performance. For perfect control in every situation, this camera is designed with EyeRes® Viewfinder. With the SL2’s full-frame CMOS sensor, the users can have an unparalleled level of detail rendition and image quality.

The new Maestro III processor in Leica SL2 enables a superior operating speed to create an awesome performance. With the Leica FOTOS 2.0, this camera can be connected easily to smartphone or iPad via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth®. This app allows the users to transfer images, view, edit, share and control the camera per remote. The lenses in Leica SL2 consist of SL-Lenses and M Lenses.

The new Leica Object Detention AF can ensure a fast and reliable AF and detects whether a subject is stationary or in motion automatically with the SL2’s high-performance AF system. This camera also features a suspended sensor for image stabilization. IP54 also make sure this camera has a robust, dust, and spray water-resistant.

Leica SL2 1

Leica SL2 2

Leica SL2 3