This camera works well with the most iOS and Android phones to provide easy use in capturing every special moment. Rylo can capture everything in 360° all around with 5.8K resolution. This camera also has cinematic stabilization, offering a spend less time holding the camera steady. The integrated horizon-leveling technology gives a helping hand in making any videos rock solid.

It is very easy to take a photo with Rylo. The users just need to press record and dual wide-angle lenses to capture everything. The dynamic dual lenses offer seamless coverage in one camera only. The user also just needs to connect this camera to their phone to share, edit, and watch the videos. Designed with beautiful yet durable aluminum, Rylo is ready for every adventure.

The Rylo App is built for mobile, so the users can edit, steady, and capture then share videos from anywhere. It only needs a single-tap directing to find a perfect frame. The FrontBack can put the users in the action with an awesome picture-in-picture. The simple and powerful editing tools in the app can be used to create polish and perfect footage.

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