With silicone bumpers, Segway Drift W1 is very comfortable to be used. These two separate self-balancing electric skates have RGB LED lights, IPX6 splash-proof, 45 minutes battery range, and 10% hill grade. For the beginners, these skates are also very easy to learn thanks to its utilizing Segway’s next-generation self-balancing technology.

The unique tread design and high-power hub motor in Segway Drift W1 can help to achieve more flexible steering. These stylish skates come with elastic bands at the bottom, allowing the users to carry it easily in one hand only. The LED lighting is customizable with one standard display in blue color that can be changed into three separate modes.

The lithium battery design of Segway Drift W1 offers advanced safety features with dual protection and an intelligent battery protection system. The frame design is lightweight and sturdy while the silicone bumpers at each end are added to protect these skates from scratches and bumps.

Segway Drift W1 1

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