For journalists, filmmakers, and content creators, Shoulderpod is a perfect professional mobile equipment for them. This pod can be used to tell awesome stories with smartphone cameras and share them easily to everyone. It comes with three different types: S2, R2, and X1.

S2 is the first professional handle grip with three main functions: Traveller Stand, Filmmaker Handle, and Tripod Mount. For the creators who want to create content in an easier way, R2 is the most portable smartphone rig for the users who always take a mobile photography and filmmaking studio with them. And for a professional level, X1 Shoulderpod is an ultimate multifunctional and modular solution.

Shoulderpod also has a program called Shoulderpod Academy to help the creators go mobile easily. With mobile journalism, mobile trainers, and a Club, the creator can learn how to engage content with a smartphone and create professional videos.

Shoulderpod 3

Shoulderpod 2