Signature Series from SONY can deliver a high-resolution sound experience, including SA-Z1 Hi-Res Near Field Powered Speaker System Signature Series. It is a perfect speaker for a desk to play music from PC or laptop, connect to Walkman® or Xperia, or use it with a dedicated digital music player.

SA-Z1 has an acoustic structure, electronic circuitry with signal processing architecture to reproduce High-Resolution Audio with ultimate fidelity, and easy adjustment with sound tuning function. It brings Sony‘s legendary audio expertise with benchmark audio technologies and first-of-its-kind custom componentry.

Engineered with accumulated acoustic, electronic and signal processing technology, this speaker system can recreate music with exceptional coherence and presence. The dual woofers are placed back-to-back on SA-Z1, inspired by a traditional Japanese ‘Tsuzumi’ drum to cut unwanted vibration.

Sony’s acclaimed I-ARRAY™ high-resolution tweeters in SA-Z1 can give a wider frequency and off-axis response. While the body of this speaker is made from two different alloys of aluminum with bridge arm structure and renowned frame and beam chassis.

The D.A. Hybrid Amplifier enhances the precision with an analog feed-forward amp, correcting the digital switching errors. For SA-Z1, SONY built an original architecture on an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) from scratch to give the most advanced signal processing.

Besides SA-Z1, SONY also offers a full range of Signature Series products designed for ultimate sound quality. These series include headphones, Walkman®, and headphone amplifiers that carefully crafted and beautifully composed for the highest standards of quality and audio excellence.

SA Z1 Hi Res Near Field Powered Speaker System Signature Series 1

SA Z1 Hi Res Near Field Powered Speaker System Signature Series 2

SA Z1 Hi Res Near Field Powered Speaker System Signature Series 3