This wireless charger is the best solution to the need of charging some multiple devices. Spansive Source can power up to six devices at once. It is perfect for Apple, Android, phone, or tablet with a compatible feature to all leading Qi-enabled phones. The users don’t need to find a perfect position to charge their devices, just place the devices anywhere to this wireless charger.

Spansive Source is designed with USB ports that can be used to charge non-Qi-enabled devices like game controllers, tablets, wearables, or older phones. The app and Wi-Fi connectivity inside can update this wireless charger and also add some new features automatically. It is made from premium and smooth touch materials: an anti-slip lining and laser-etched aluminum.

It is a modern wireless charger with two available colors to be chosen, white and charcoal. Spansive Source also has silent cooling, providing safe and efficient charging for all kind of devices. For an office, it is an awesome thing to have for long conferences calls and keeping the users focus on their work.

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Spansive Source 1

Spansive Source 3

Spansive Source 4

Spansive Source 6

Spansive Source 2

Spansive Source 5