This smart GPS tracker is made for everyone. XQUAD is designed by goTele as an ultimate solution for finding family and friends. The user can use it for sharing location information, setting safe zones for pets and kids, and also sending messages. It is very easy to locate everyone at a glance in any outdoor activities with this product.

XQUAD doesn’t need any other device, it can work individually. It also doesn’t need maps, phones, networks, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or monthly fees. This GPS tracker is powered by U-blox with location accuracy is up to 3.33ft and 4 satellite systems. It offers real-time tracking up to 30 people, up to 70 hours of battery life, signal range up to 6 km, virtual perimeter, off-cellular broadcasting and messaging, and IP67 waterproof and dustproof.

The implemented technology in XQUAD can collect each one of the members in real-time location information and put them in a more comprehensive radar map on one screen. This device is also empowered by a unique patented radio-frequency protocol and powerful geographic information acquisition system to exchange geo-info among devices.

Designed for all adventures, XQUAD can be wrist wearable, outfit, backpack, and also a leash attachable for a dog. The rotary knob can be deactivated and locked, and the screen also can be switched off to extend battery life and prevent unintended activations. For the whole team, setting a safe zone is very easy to stay alert when someone crosses the line of a safe zone.

By connecting XQUAD to the App, it will gives extra functions such as download offline map, edit a customized message, off-grid live chat with the team, and also check or sync historical and accumulative data. This device comes in a compact design with 76.45 x 47.20 x 23.06 mm of the dimensions and only weighing 100 grams.