Meet XT Camera System, one of the best camera systems for the breathtaking quality of the images. The users can have a standard for image quality in a medium format. It also offers a modular and travel-friendly design with a stylish and aesthetic form for convenience that fits easily into every lifestyle.

It is a powerful and portable camera system, handcrafted and also designed with uncompromising precision and simplicity. XT Camera System has exclusive, high-quality finishes to deliver a beautiful camera with the best image quality. The intuitive, easy-to-master operation and full digital integration can elevate the shooting experience together with fine details and some usability features too.

The heart of the X-Shutter and the brains of the IQ4 Infinity Platform, XT Camera System’s features and integration can support the limitless potential. It is also a camera system with All Phase One Camera Systems. For an effortless and travel-friendly solution, it is recommended to use XT Camera with IQ4 Digital Back or switch to the XF Camera to get a more dynamic workflow.

XT Camera System 6

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XT Camera System 3

XT Camera System 2

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