Zanco S-Pen is a smart phone with the size and size of a pen. Zanco S-Pen has most of the features of a smart phone, such as a voice recorder, stylus pen, laser pointer, bluetooth headset, and the ability to call. Everything is embedded in a tiny device, with a pen-like shape.

Zanco S-Pen can also be connected with a smart phone. When the cellphone rings, the Zanco S-Pen also rings. Zanco S-Pen can receive calls, make calls and reply to SMS via bluetooth. Zanco S-Pen is equipped with front and rear cameras, so it can also be used to capture moments instantly.

Zanco S-Pen has a voice changer that can be used to convert sounds into 13 funny and entertaining sounds, can be sent to friends or social media. Zanco S-Pen has a battery that can last up to 6 days.