It is a smart alarm clock with an in-built camera shutter and Alexa. Echo Show 5 offers a compact 5.5″ smart display with some best features, including calendar, to-do list, weather, traffic updates, and recipes for cooking such as french onion soup. The user also can watch movies, read news, TV shows, and listen to audiobooks, radio stations, and songs.

Echo Show 5 is designed with voice control compatible devices, Echo devices for voice or video call friends and family, Skype, and Alexa app. This smart alarm clock also has a mic/camera off button or the built-in camera shutter, providing more easy ways to control the user’s privacy.

The ambient sunrise lighting feature can be used to start the day properly. Echo Show 5 also provides some fun clock face designs to choose for fun. It is very simple to set up and use this smart alarm clock by just plugging it in, connect it to the internet, and then ask Alexa for more news, weather, and music.

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