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  • Amazon Smart Sticky Note Printer

    Amazon Smart Sticky Note Printer

    If you’re looking for an additional tool to make your day-to-day easier, the Amazon smart sticky note printer might be a good choice. 

  • Ring Always Home Cam

    Ring Always Home Cam

    The main disadvantage of existing security camera products is the limited viewing angle due to its static nature. As a result, consumers must install several CCTV cameras at once to monitor the whole house. This is what Amazon Ring is trying to solve with the concept…

  • Amazon Echo Buds

    Amazon Echo Buds

    Echo Buds offer immersive sound and easy use with no tapping required via Alexa. The user can have full control with voice only to play music, listen to a podcast, and stream Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more. These are truly wireless earbuds with…

  • Echo Studio

    Echo Studio

    With Alexa and 3D Audio, Echo Studio becomes a high-fidelity smart speaker. It is an immersive, s-dimensional soundscape with studio-quality audio that can reach every corner of the room. This speaker also can be used to check the weather, control compatible smart home devices, and…

  • Amazon Echo Show 5

    Amazon Echo Show 5

    It is a smart alarm clock with an in-built camera shutter and Alexa. Echo Show 5 offers a compact 5.5″ smart display with some best features, including calendar, to-do list, weather, traffic updates, and recipes for cooking. The user also can watch movies, read news,…