Minisforum Elitemini H31g 10
Compact computers are often difficult to call efficient. In most cases, they are comparable to Ultrabooks in this regard. MinisForum decided to prove that even in a miniature case, you can get a powerful filling with Minisforum EliteMini H31G.
Razer Ultimate Racing Simulator 2
Razer's Ultimate Racing Simulator is a truly immersive racing experience at CES 2020, presented by Razer in collaboration with IoTech Studios, SynthesisVR, Simpit, and Vesaro. The concept racing simulator offers an exciting glimpse for gamers worldwide to experience the ultimate racing simulator.
IFi Audio Aurora 1
For music lovers, iFi Audio Aurora is the best all-in-one music system with awesome sounds. This product has French design from Japanese inspiration that clad in bamboo and elevated by a distinctive aluminum frame. It is also driven by PureEmotion®, an ingenious fusion of amp technologies that can deliver a sound with a purity of tone.
SOUNDFORM™ ELITE Hi Fi Smart Speaker Wireless Charger 1
In partnership with sound pioneers Devialet, Belkin SOUNDFORM™ ELITE Hi-Fi Smart Speaker + Wireless Charger is designed to deliver high-fidelity sound for an awesome audio experience. It is an evolution of power and sound with a combination of extraordinary acoustic architecture, fast wireless charging, and award-winning design. This product also comes with the Google Assistant to control and play music in an easy way.
Razer Tomahawk 3
Introducing the best gaming desktop and chassis with a compact design and awesome performance: Razer Tomahawk. It is a new breed of gaming desktops & chassis design with an optimized form factor designed around Intel’s Next Unit of Computing (NUC) architecture. The features are the latest tech specs that perfect to meet the ever-rising bar of high-end PC performance.
Zagg Powerstation Go 5
From Zagg, this portable car jump starter is designed with wireless charging and USB-A ports. Zagg powerstation go is more than just a power station. It fits well in the glove box that can charge mobile devices and jump-starts any car. The two USB-A ports offer an easy way to charge a phone or tablet while the built-in AC outlet charges the bigger devices at the same time.
EVBox Troniq Charger 2
EVBox Troniq Charger is not only flexible but also reliable and powerful. This charger has an output of up to 50 kW with a whole new standard for fast charging stations. It has a secure and user-friendly design for any environment and electric car. The smart power management capabilities, multiple stations are easy to be operated n an energy-efficient manner and at a low-cost.
Philips Sonicare Sonic Electric Toothbrush 1
Only with a push of a button, Philips Sonicare Sonic Electric Toothbrush offers a superior plaque removal more than a manual toothbrush. This electric toothbrush is easy to be used, especially to access back teeth and reduce cavities. It removes up to 7x more plaque than other regular toothbrushes for a superior clean.
Loupedeck CT 1
Made to work with keyboard and mouse easily, Loupedeck CT offers buttons, dials, and touchscreens to deliver an easy personal way of working. This product is designed with a vast set of integrations for software to let the users move freely between Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, and so on in one sleek user interface.
Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid 1
A new era of efficient cleaning can be found in eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid. It is a robot vacuum cleaner with iPath Laser Navigation and AI Map Technology for the most efficient clean ever. The all-new, upgraded navigation system can reduce the 2.5-hour run-time of cleaning.
EufyCam 3
It is the world's first 1080p wire-free security with A.I and 365-day battery life. eufyCam offers no monthly fee and easy installation. This security camera features face-recognizing alerts, truly wire-free, weatherproof IP67, bank-grade encryption, night vision, and also live streaming. Use the eufyCam Security app in the smartphone for high-resolution streaming in real-time.