DEEBOT 500 7
For effortless everyday cleaning, DEEBOT 500 is a perfect vacuum cleaning robot for daily use. It has the ability to be controlled by smart home devices, an integrated 3-Stage Cleaning System, and accessible technology including Max Mode to maximize cleaning performance and increase suction power to clean stubborn dirt. This robot also has a stair safety technology to sense any drop-off and will reverse its direction safely.
Predator Thronos 4
Predator Thronos puts the gamer right in the motorized cockpit. This gaming chair is perfect to enjoy some in-your-face gaming comfortably in the mechanized cocoon-like cabin. For an all-consuming panoramic view and lower the Scorpion Arch, it only needs to use the Control Pad easily.
Echo Studio 1
With Alexa and 3D Audio, Echo Studio becomes a high-fidelity smart speaker. It is an immersive, s-dimensional soundscape with studio-quality audio that can reach every corner of the room. This speaker also can be used to check the weather, control compatible smart home devices, and set alarms. It is also a smart speaker designed with multiple layers of privacy protection.
SimpliCam 5
SimpliCam is designed and engineered to protect. It is a security camera with an award-winning security system, 24/7 HD video, including motion and intruder alerts. The user can watch live HD video and audio from a smartphone for free, alerts instantly about what's happening, and also detect any unique heat signature of humans around the home.
Sony MHC V71 High Power Home Audio System 5
Sony MHC-V71 High Power Home Audio System is designed for clear and powerful sound in the party and also light it up with 360° party lights. The LIVE SOUND can spread sound in every corner of the venue. The angled speakers also can direct sound over the wider area and the top surface of this audio system is easy to clean, dustproof, and splashproof.
LightSKIN 4
LightSKIN is a German approved built-in light seatpost that can brighten both the back and front part of a bike based on the rider's need. The idea of LightSKIN comes from the habit of rider that usually keeps the object inside some sort of storage unit. This lighting is designed with integrated LED lenses buttons which is very easy to be embedded at the handlebar and seatpost.
Alienware 34 Curved Gaming Monitor AW3418DW 1
Dell offers all-new Alienware monitors, keyboards and mice designed in an iconic look for exhilarating, immersive gaming. Alienware 34 Curved Gaming Monitor: AW3418DW is built to enhance the gaming experience. With a premium, polished silver finish and ultramodern design, this gaming monitor has a sophisticated appearance and unparalleled quality.
Canvas Audio 7
Canvas Audio is the world’s first HiFi Audiostand for OLED TV’s and an entirely new A/V product category called Audiostand. It matches the audio quality with OLED TV’s picture quality and also becomes the only one-box solution that delivers real 3D audio for music fans. Canvas also offers true HiFi with a stereo image of 10-12 feet.
Brilliant Smart Home Control 3
This smart home control effortlessly provides an easy way to control all smart home devices. With a control panel on the wall or a single app on the phone, Brilliant offers a smart home control without the struggle at all. It can be used to turn any light and control smart lighting products like Lutron, LIFX, Philips, and more. Using multiple smart home apps, the users can see and manage all devices by room.
Millo 1
The future of blending can be found in Millo. It is a silent, smart, simple, and safe blender for a smoother experience. Designed for modern life, this blender has no cords or buttons. The users only need to touch anywhere on its 360° touch-sensitive surface to control. AirDrive technology with the advanced brushless magnetic engine also makes it 3 times quieter than other regular blenders.
IRobot® Roomba® S9 5
iRobot® offers the world's best robot vacuum designed with the most advanced technology ever called Roomba® s9+. It is a Wi-Fi® connected robot vacuum that can empty on its own. With the Clean Base™ Automatic Dirt Disposal, it can hold more than 30 bins of hair, dust, and dirt. Roomba® s9+ also has Anti-Allergen Technology - System that can trap and capture 99% of mold allergens and pollen.
Morus Zero 3
This ultra-fast countertop tumble dryer only needs 15 minutes to dry all clothes. Morus Zero is designed with vacuum technology, fabric protection, auto-reverse tumble, and UV sterilization. It offers easy installation without any pipe needed. With these kinds of technology, Morus Zero can save more energy up to 40% better than any other clothes dryer. It is also safer with low-temperature drying protection.