Classic Woodgrain 50 Watt BoomCase 3
It is the most portable BoomsCases with a vintage suitcase. Classic Woodgrain features two 6.5" Gold Woofers and 50 Watts of Power. This BoomCase provides crisp and clear sound with its 3" mid-range speaker. It has a compact design with 14" x 12" x 7" for its dimensions and it is very light only with 12 lbs in size.
WEN 56200i 2000 Watt Inverter Generator 10
This portable power can produce clean energy free without making the noise of a regular generator. WEN 56200i 2000 Watt Inverter Generator is a compatible generator which is extremely quiet according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. With EPA III and CARB-Compliant 79.7 cc 4-stroke OHV engine, it can produce 1600 rated watts and 2000 surge watts.
Tufton Marshall Portable Speaker 9
It is the mightiest portable speaker from Marshall that can bring the show on the road. Tufton offers 20+ hours of portable playtime with Bluetooth® 5.0 technology to connect to some wireless devices. It only needs a single charge to enjoy more than 20 hours of playtime. The design of Tufton comes with guitar inspired carry strap that makes it easy to carry.
Hexbot The Modular All In 1 Desktop Robotic Arm 1
Using Hexbot - The Modular All-In-1 Desktop Robotic Arm, a workshop can be created from a desktop with an easy way for 3D printing and laser engraving. This robotic arm is also perfect for writing and drawing some creative ideas with functional modules, easy-to-use software, noiseless design, and its 0.05 mm high precision. The users can even use this robotic arm to play Gomoku.
IK Multimedia UNO Drum 13
IK Multimedia offers an analog or PCM drum machine called UNO Drum. It is an ultimate beat creation station to create inspiring, high-quality, and warm grooves. UNO Drum is made with a collaboration of Italian analog specialist Soundmachines to provide digital convenience and flexibility which is also ultra-portable and fully programmable.
Blink XT2 Outdoor Cameras 4
With Blink XT2 Outdoor Cameras, the entire home can be protected much well both inside and outside. These cameras have the same video-first security with extended battery life, customizable motion zones, two-way audio, and more. Blink comes with five options of outdoor cameras to create a more safe feeling in each home based on the number of cameras needed to install.
VertuoPlus Matte Black 3
Every espresso lover should have this one in their kitchen. VertuoPlus Matte Black from NESPRESSO is perfect for them who ask for quality in enjoying an espresso. This machine allows the user to explore more Nespresso coffee styles even in larger cups with five sizes, from Espresso to Alto in an automated and easy way.
Denon Flagship AVR X8500H 5
The Denon Flagship AVR-X8500H is a home theater next generation with world’s first 13.2 channel receiver. It supports a lot of latest immersive audio formats including unparalleled music playback options, DTS:X, Dolby Atmos, and IMAX Enhanced. With the built-in HEOS technology, Amazon Alexa voice, and Apple AirPlay 2, it has a seamless control to be used.
Kasa Smart Security Cameras 9
All products from Kasa Smart are designed to give a full home security experience in protecting every home area. The products are divided into three different types based on its function: Indoor, Outdoor, Wire-Free. For inside the home, Kasa Smart offers three products: Kasa Smart Wire-Free Camera, Kasa Spot, and Kasa Cam.
Shifu Orboot 3
For the curious little minds, Shifu Orboot will be a perfect friend for them to travel the world in fun and interactive ways. It is an adventurous ride that can help all child to get endless knowledge only with a tap of their finger. Consist of Orboot Globe and Orboot App, all kinds of animals, cuisines, inventions, and cultures can be known well.
Connected Philips Somneo 5
The Connected Philips Somneo is a great product from Philips for a premium sleep with a warm wake-up light. The users can wake up in a fresh condition with its customizable features that connect to the environment tracking also a Somneo mobile app. It helps the users to get a relaxed sleep at night an wake up refreshed in the morning.