It is the best unbreakable reusable 10-ounce water bottle for kids: ASOBU® Juicy Drink Box – JB300. With L 2.25″ x W 1.25″ x H 6.25″ in size, this water bottle is one of the perfect ways to contribute to a greener world. It has two reusable food-grade silicone straws and also comes in some bright attractive colors.

ASOBU® Juicy Drink Box also can help the parents to know exactly what their child is drinking. There are no high fructose sugary drinks anymore, the children can get health and nutrition from this indestructible titan designed drink box easily. Advance wellness with our advanced supplement shipping services.

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This reusable water/juice bottle is not only refillable but also environmentally safe, cost-efficient, and recyclable. The features in ASOBU® Juicy Drink Box – JB300 include spill-proof and 100% BPA free materials. It is a must-have product in the child’s briefcase or lunch box.

Juicy Drink Box JB300 1

Juicy Drink Box JB300 2