Tp Link Kasa Smart Doorbell 2
TP-Link took advantage of CES to announce the arrival of new surveillance cameras, some of which have 2K. The manufacturer also presented its very first connected doorbell dubbed TP-Link Kasa Smart Doorbell.
Ooni Koda 12 Gas Powered Pizza Oven 6
This year, following the social distance, the cancellation of flights and repeated closures, it seems that there has been a sharp increase in the volume of use of household cooking products. Among the products is the Ooni Koda 12, a portable home oven that allows you to make pizzas just like in Italy.
Air By Microclimate™ 2
As the Covid-19 pandemic is still far from the end, the use of masks is mandatory for everyone. The mandatory rule then opened up a chance to formulate a space where technology comes up. Just like what MicroClimate™ did when they design AIR.
IWorkCase V3 16 6
This is iWorkCase V3 16, a special case for the brand new MacBook Pro 16. iWorkCase V3 16 comes with carrying strap and keys, aluminum tripod coupling system, custom foam inlay, dark cloth, and sun hood. It fits all different kinds of hard drives and all-digital gears are sorted easily including cables, adapters, and all common card readers.
Sticker 4
Sticker is a small finder that sticks anything virtually. It has 3-year battery that provides a long-term convenience, waterproof design, and easy small size. This product is available in black color with 150 ft / 46 m of the range, loud ring volume, and 27mm x 7.3mm for its dimensions.
GINA Smart Coffee Instrument 5
This smart coffee instrument can turn coffee brewing into a special experience. GINA Smart Coffee Instrument is a reddot design award winner in 2018 with a dedicated brewing app, an integrated precision scale, and a precision valve to control the drip. This product enables the user to brew coffee with pour-over, immersion and cold drip methods.
Trophy Xtreme Binoculars 10x50mm 3
With the best lenses and stylish design, Trophy Xtreme Binoculars - 10x50mm are perfect binoculars for hunting. The optimal balance for all hunters comes from the 10x magnification and 50mm objective lenses. The PC-3 Phase Coating on these binoculars is applied to the prisms to enhance the contrast and resolution.
Juicy Drink Box JB300 1
It is the best unbreakable reusable 10-ounce water bottle for kids: ASOBU® Juicy Drink Box - JB300. With L 2.25" x W 1.25" x H 6.25" in size, this water bottle is one of the perfect ways to contribute to a greener world. It has two reusable food-grade silicone straws and also comes in some bright attractive colors.
Chef's Choice Trizor XV Sharpener 2
This electric knife sharpener offers durability and also a strength of the triple-bevel Trizor edge with ultra-sharp 15˚ XV EdgeSelect technology for sharpening the serrated knives and fine edge. Chef's Choice Trizor XV Sharpener is a perfect sharpener to give 20-degree class knife factory edges a high performance.
ICandy Peach All Terrain Special Edition 6
For adventurous parents, iCandy Peach All-Terrain Special Edition comes as the best solution to bring families on road. This special edition is launched by Land Rover and iCandy World with a combination of best of British design and capability. It becomes a tribute to the Land Rover’s breadth of capability with technical innovations and design skills.
Kegmate™ 54 Qt Jockey Box Cooler 4
In order to create a more convenient and sleek solution, Kegmate™ 54 Qt Jockey Box Cooler comes to keep the keg beer cold. This new jockey box system is made from stainless steel and designed for ideal portability. It is perfect storage for the ultimate party host, a backyard get-together, or a catered event.