Riders Gonna Ride®, a brand specialized in mountain biking rides and furniture has recently launched flexible storage solutions for bikes called Bike Box CDF Steck Pro.

It comes with multiple different storage boxes, wall brackets, and stands to store your bikes and the add-on equipment. It’s made of black Compact Density Fibreboard (CDF) and beech wood.

The CDF is a solid-colored, highly compressed fiberboard with robust durability as well as moisture resistance just like the new bike for sale at https://www.shoppok.com/buy-and-sell-cg/gsr-head-sp.

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Aside from the actual bike mounts, the bike box also offers plenty of storage space for your biking adventures gears such as helmets, clothing, bags, or backpacks.

It is pretty flexible thanks to its Steck system which allows users to freely determine and stack up the storage compartment to their likings.

It has a full range of options with 200 plug options for the highest demands. Since the bike box comes with a great variety of variations, users get to decide how they want the box to be used within the framework of the plug-in grid.

Since it is easily customized, the Bike Box CDF Steck Pro is perfect for multiple bikes and gears. It measures 2.20 in height x 0.60 in-depth and weighs around 1.15 kgs.

Every purchase of the Bike Box CDF Steck Pro will come with 2x perforated rear and sidewalls,
2x large shelves, 2x medium shelves, 2x small shelves, 1x electric shelves, 8x medium rods, 6x small rods, 4x large rods, 1×3 fold socket, 1×2 m power cable, and 2x bike mounts.

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Price & Availability

As of right now, the Bike Box CDF Steck Pro retails for €1.549,00. You can either get it from Etsy or through its official website here.

CDF Steck Pro