Osma, a brand known for its various supplies of coffee-making necessities, has recently revealed a new machine that extracts the perfect cup of cold brew coffee in just 90 seconds called the Osma Pro.

Osma 90 Seconds Brew (2)


The new Osma Pro uses a complex technology of harmonics and recirculation to make a 3oz cold espresso shot or a 12oz cold brew. It loads your coffee off your tumbler-filled water and ice through its intake straw.

It then draws out the water and sends it through the machine where it picks up the coffee and sends it right back into the cup, ready for your consumption in under 2 minutes.

Unlike the traditional cold brew that needs 24 hours, the Osma uses a micro cavitation mechanism that forms thousands of microbubbles from the ground coffee beans.

Osma 90 Seconds Brew (3)

The beans release the cO2 trapped inside them in a form of microbubbles which then collapse within the filter, and extract the flavor and aroma compounds of the ground.

Each Osma Pro is made in Oregon, built from a solid block of 316 stainless steel with aluminum enclosure panels, brass drip tray rods, and a walnut or steel base.

It has a food-grade silicone internal tubing and weighs around 12.5 lbs. It is compatible with 110v – 240v electricity worldwide.

Osma 90 Seconds Brew (4)

Price & Availability

As of right now, the Osma Pro is available for pre-orders for limited, numbered units of 1000. You can pre-order from the official website for $695.