Áspero Gravel Bike is perfect for one who loves the freedom with gravel culture. This bike comes as a new kind of gravel machine to explore personal limits and geography as well. The machine in this bike is designed for pure, unapologetic speed that can be controlled easily across the variable conditions.

The handling geometry of the frame is affected by the different outside rolling diameters of various wheel and tire combinations. The frame is also designed to empowering athletes quickly from hauling gear slowly with less and lighter material. Áspero Gravel Bike offers multiple configurations to maximize the control and two-position adjustment for the trail.

The handling and stiffness in this bike work together to respond to bracing inputs and critical pedal and ensure the bike tracks predictably. Áspero Gravel Bike allows the biker to choose the tire that best suits the terrain. With all features and its awesome design, this bike becomes the more versatile bike-handling characteristics ever with pure speed.

Áspero Gravel Bike 1

Áspero Gravel Bike 2

Áspero Gravel Bike 3

Áspero Gravel Bike 4