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The super73 S2 is a high-performance street-legal electric motorbike that doesn’t require you to have a license or registration to ride. 

Bianchi Arcadex

Arcadex is the newest gravel bike coming from an Italian brand specializing in performance bikes, BIANCHI. Equipped with the advanced racing technology of the brand, Arcadex is one of the best gravel bikes for speed out there.

Last Cinto All Mountain

Last Bikes, a bike company based in Dortmund, just recently introduced an all-mountain bike called Cinto All Mountain Excellence as the fourth mountain bike in their new lineup.

HPS Domestique 1-21

Several electric bicycles brag about the total weight of their set as one of their greatest assets. However, none have been as light as the HPS Domestique 1-21, an electric road bike that approaches weight thresholds not seen before.

Bianchi e-Omnia

Bicycles are pioneers of electric mobility, and Bianchi proves it. The bikes have no doubt the merit of being a pioneer of electric mobility. However, e-bikes continue to hold up and even strengthen, as Bianchi does with the new e-Omnia family.

Giant TCX Advanced Pro 2

With a new frame that’s lighter than the previous version, a new D-Fuse seat post, and a reworked fork, the new TCX Advanced Pro frame has retained the best of what has made it history.  In world-level races and regional events, the TCX range has always been a benchmark.