Since its foundation, Selle Italia has invested in research and development because it is convinced that growth can only be achieved through innovation. And for now, it is summed up with Selle Italia Model X Green Superflow.

Selle Italia Model X Green Superflow 2



Last summer, the company implemented Green-Tech: a production process that allows obtaining products with low impact on the environment, eco-sustainable, fast production, and competitive costs.

Selle Italia Model X Green Superflow 6

It is an automated installation, developed entirely in Italy and unique in the world, which allows obtaining high-quality saddles without the need to use adhesives and polyurethane, substances with a strong environmental impact.

The first saddle, made through this production process, has been launched these days under the name of Model X Green Superflow, a product that represents an absolute novelty because it assembles three components mechanically and without using polluting adhesive substances.



In fact, for the production of the saddle, Flex Control technology has been used, that is, a special frame made up of two elements of different flexibility capable of guaranteeing superior comfort and greater resistance compared to products in the same market sector.

The third component is the rail in Fec Alloy, an iron-carbon steel alloy with high strength and flexibility.

Selle Italia Model X Green Superflow 5

The technical characteristics of the Model X Green Superflow saddle include the Total Gel padding (with integrated antibacterial treatment) that completely covers the surface of the saddle structure.

The second one is the waved shape, that is to say undulating, which makes this saddle ideal for cyclists who prefer to maintain a more stable position on the saddle even on long rides.

In addition, Selle Italia Model X Green Superflow is following the IDmatch system, and precisely thanks to its shape, are especially suitable for those with pelvic retroversion.



The Model X Green Superflow is a fully Made in Italy saddle, and the Trevisan company considers this element to be very important, especially when taking into account the problems that have arisen during the last year in the supply chain of the cycling world.

Selle Italia Model X Green Superflow 3

In addition, with this latest creation by Selle Italia, the brand has conquered a position that is ever closer to eco-sustainable production and is capable of satisfying the needs of those who care about the environment but at the same time seek performance and comfort at a competitive price.


Price and Availability

The saddle hits stores with dimensions of 145×245 mm and a declared weight of 315 grams. It has Fec Alloy rails, Green-Tech tire and IDMatch size L3. It has an interesting recommended price of $ 49.99.