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The compact frame and 500-watt internal hub motor can be found in this friendly entry-level electric motorbike. SUPER73-Z1 is an excellent vehicle for neighborhood explorer to getting around town. The unique integrated battery is combined with the easy-to-use throttle display and seat design to deliver a user-friendly experience for all riders.

SUPER73-S1 Black

As a rugged utility urban cruiser, SUPER73-S1 Black is designed with rear cargo rack wrapped in a timeless design, brake light, a bright LED headlight, and a durable and removable 696 watt-hour battery. The durable 696 watt-hours removable battery is easy to be charged with any standard 110v outlet.

Michael Blast OUTSIDER

This tough machine is designed to unafraid and stand-alone with its awesome engine and performance. Michael Blast OUTSIDER is powered by 250watt BAFANG rear hub motor with a 36V Samsung Lithium-Ion battery. The user can experience the riding spirit with the 50+ km range per charge.

Canyon Grail CF SL 8.0

Designed with carbon with 8.70 kg of the weight, Canyon Grail CF SL 8.0 offers a ready bicycle for the rough stuff. It comes with Shimano’s latest mechanical Ultegra RX technology for the best ultimate shift reliability. The lightweight and robust DT Swiss wheels can keep this bicycle pace the road.

Ribble Endurance SL e Shimano Dura Ace Di2

With super cool looks and a hidden electric power-assist system, Ribble Endurance SL e Shimano Dura Ace Di2 is the best assistance for climbing and riding faster. It is an ultimate stealth e-road bike that has an electronic theme with super smooth, consistent and accurate gear.

Tern Folding Bikes HSD S8i

Tern Folding Bikes offers a useful bike with a smaller size called HSD S8i. This bike has Bosch® Active Line Plus motor with Purion display, Custom Suntour suspension fork, 400 Wh battery for a range of up to 110 km, Magura® MT4 hydraulic disc brakes, and Shimano® Nexus 8 internal-gear hub.


With the best performance and awesome speed, COWBOY is a perfect electric bike for urban riders. The sustained acceleration can be achieved with a single gear only and it is very easy to take any hill in a persistent high-gear ratio. This bike is also equipped with flashing brake light and hydraulic brakes for safety.

Peugeot Cycles eF01

From Peugeot Cycles, eF01 comes as a solution to optimize daily commute due to the folding system which is very innovative. It is a powerful and compact electric motor for everyone to arrive effortlessly at the office. This agile and practical electric-assist folding bike is designed with the best materials and technology.

The Oslo

The future of electric transportation can be found in Oslo. This new kind of bike is designed based on the last few years of engineering spent by Karmic. This modern electric bicycle has a reimagined movement with modern, minimalist design. It is also more comfortable, faster, and safer for work, run errands around town, or simply for the joy of the ride.

Áspero Gravel Bike

Áspero Gravel Bike is perfect for one who loves the freedom with gravel culture. This bike comes as a new kind of gravel machine to explore personal limits and geography as well. The machine in this bike is designed for pure, unapologetic speed that can be controlled easily across the variable conditions.

VeeGo 750

The latest VeeGo 750 is designed to deliver the best performance and features. This electric bike has 750 Watts of true power output, a multi-power mode LCD computer with USB charging, rust-proof fenders, an integrated rear rack, and integrated lighting with turn signals.

RadRunner Electric Utility Bike

This sleek, fun, and functional e-bike which is totally rad, part cargo bike, and part moped. RadRunner Electric Utility Bike is designed to be customized with a total of 330 accessory combinations. It is also the very first e-bike or scooter to have an adjustable driver’s seat without any poor riding position. The pure and clean power comes together with compact, maintenance-free, and discreet design.