The compact frame and 500-watt internal hub motor can be found in this friendly entry-level electric motorbike. SUPER73-Z1 is an excellent vehicle for neighborhood explorer to getting around town. The unique integrated battery is combined with the easy-to-use throttle display and seat design to deliver a user-friendly experience for all riders.

SUPER73-Z1 is powered with a 418 watt-hour battery, offering 20+ miles of range. This awesome electric motorbike comes in one size only with a 250 lb weight limit rating, adjustable handlebars, and 27″ seat height to accommodate riders between 4’6 – 5’11″.

As a Class 2 street-legal electric bike, SUPER73-Z1 allows riders as young as 16 to ride this stunning vehicle on city streets legally. The internally geared brushless DC hub motor in it is capable of outputting up to 900 watts as its peak power. SUPER73-Z1 is available in five different colors: White, Jet Black, Steel Blue, Astro Orange, Millennial Pink.

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