Tag: E-Bikes

  • SONDORS Rockstar

    SONDORS Rockstar

    In the past, Sondors had already made itself known for some eBikes in the price list with very competitive prices, but now it has really surpassed itself. In recent days, it has opened pre-orders for the new eMTB Sondors Rockstar, which features powertrain features that…

  • Cannondale Topstone Neo Carbon

    Cannondale Topstone Neo Carbon

    Cannondale is well-known in the biking industry. The high-end bikemaker recently summed up its experience in a product they called Topstone Neo Carbon.

  • Specialized Turbo Levo SL

    Specialized Turbo Levo SL

    The power to ride more trails can be found in Specialized Turbo Levo SL. It is a superlight e-MTB with 150mm of travel that can double the pedaling power and handles. This bike is perfect for a long ride and for a modern mountain bike…

  • Jeep® e-Bike

    Jeep® e-Bike

    Available in June, 2020 and powered by QuietKat, this new e-bike comes with stylish design and awesome everything needed in an e-bike. Jeep® e-Bike is the most capable off-road electric mountain bike ever. On a single charge, this e-bike can reach up to 40 miles.

  • Tempus Electric The Titan R (1000W)

    Tempus Electric The Titan R (1000W)

    Tempus Electric The Titan R (1000W) is perfect for everything, including going to work, going for a cruise, exploring the city, or an off-road adventure. It is a retro electric bike that modeled after a vintage motorcycle and built with aircraft-grade steel. This electric bike…

  • SUPER73-Z1


    The compact frame and 500-watt internal hub motor can be found in this friendly entry-level electric motorbike. SUPER73-Z1 is an excellent vehicle for neighborhood explorer to getting around town. The unique integrated battery is combined with the easy-to-use throttle display and seat design to deliver…

  • SUPER73-S1 Black

    SUPER73-S1 Black

    As a rugged utility urban cruiser, SUPER73-S1 Black is designed with rear cargo rack wrapped in a timeless design, brake light, a bright LED headlight, and a durable and removable 696 watt-hour battery. The durable 696 watt-hours removable battery is easy to be charged with…

  • Michael Blast OUTSIDER

    Michael Blast OUTSIDER

    This tough machine is designed to unafraid and stand-alone with its awesome engine and performance. Michael Blast OUTSIDER is powered by 250watt BAFANG rear hub motor with a 36V Samsung Lithium-Ion battery. The user can experience the riding spirit with the 50+ km range per…

  • Tern Folding Bikes HSD S8i

    Tern Folding Bikes offers a useful bike with a smaller size called HSD S8i. This bike has Bosch® Active Line Plus motor with Purion display, Custom Suntour suspension fork, 400 Wh battery for a range of up to 110 km, Magura® MT4 hydraulic disc brakes,…



    With the best performance and awesome speed, COWBOY is a perfect electric bike for urban riders. The sustained acceleration can be achieved with a single gear only and it is very easy to take any hill in a persistent high-gear ratio. This bike is also…

  • Peugeot Cycles eF01

    Peugeot Cycles eF01

    From Peugeot Cycles, eF01 comes as a solution to optimize daily commute due to the folding system which is very innovative. It is a powerful and compact electric motor for everyone to arrive effortlessly at the office. This agile and practical electric-assist folding bike is…

  • The Oslo

    The Oslo

    The future of electric transportation can be found in Oslo. This new kind of bike is designed based on the last few years of engineering spent by Karmic. This modern electric bicycle has a reimagined movement with modern, minimalist design. It is also more comfortable,…