The future of electric transportation can be found in Oslo. This new kind of bike is designed based on the last few years of engineering spent by Karmic. This modern electric bicycle has a reimagined movement with modern, minimalist design. It is also more comfortable, faster, and safer for work, run errands around town, or simply for the joy of the ride.

The Oslo’s saddle is long and wide, designed also with a place to stash a phone and wallet under the seat. This bike is a Class 2 Ebike that has an electronically limited top speed of 20mph. A standard battery pack is also designed to give up to 20 miles of real-world range. There are three levels of pedal assist in this modern electric bicycle: Eco, Normal, and Boost.

For safety, Oslo offers a hydroformed aluminum chassis with thermoplastic bodywork which is similar to a car bumper. The wheels can stay true over the potholes and bumps while the wider pneumatic tires can give a confident yet comfortable ride and handling. It also has hydraulic disc brakes in the front and back just like a modern automobile. However, if there is a need for pothole repair, consider Infrared Pothole Repair Services.

It doesn’t need to charge the OSLO’s integrated headlights. These headlights are always on and the wraparound tail light not only increases the visibility of the riders but also activates when the riders are stopping, giving them maximum time to respond. For the battery, this electric bicycle has a simple battery to use with a new 48-volt architecture.

The Oslo 1

The Oslo 2

The Oslo 3

The Oslo 4

The Oslo 5

The Oslo 6