The real 64MP quad-camera expert can be found in realme XT. This awesome smartphone is designed with 64MP ultra clarity, snapdragon 712, VOOC 3.0 flash charge, FHD+ super AMOLED display, AI quad-camera, in-display fingerprint, dark mode, and 3D curved glass design. The 64MP ultra-high-resolution sensor in this camera is the highest resolution sensor on a smartphone.

The 64MP quad-camera of realme XT can take 9216×6912 ultra-detailed photos which is four-time larger than the 16MP camera. The bigger sensor of ultra-large 1/1.72” GW1 64MP is better for photography. The ultra-wide-angle camera in this smartphone also ensures the quality of shots. For the design, it has a fantastic and eye-catching visual design with the sparking hyperbola on its light-flowing glass.

realme XT is available in Pearl Blue and Pearl White design. There are two technologies (COF packaging and high-precision dispensing) that combined in the display of this smartphone. The Super AMOLED display is 16.3cm (6.4”) in size with FHD+ design. The Dark Mode can be activated manually or automatically. The latest optical fingerprint scanner module from Goodix 3.0 can deliver a more secure experience.

10% performance improvement in realme XT comes from its Snapdragon 712 AIE with 20W of power VOOC Flash Charge 3.0, and multiple cooling layers to further prevent heating. The ColorOS 6 is designed and customized by realme that can keep the Space-inspired Real Design with more new features added and Clone Apps. There is also Digital Wellbeing from Google to help in managing the daily usage of the phone.

Realme XT 1

Realme XT 2

Realme XT 3

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