The power to ride more trails can be found in Specialized Turbo Levo SL. It is a superlight e-MTB with 150mm of travel that can double the pedaling power and handles. This bike is perfect for a long ride and for a modern mountain bike experience. It is also the lightest e-MTB in its class.

Turbo Levo SL is designed with cutting-edge power supply, superlight motor, and svelte-yet-stiff chassis. It is also light and nimble that can give a maximum power to ride more trails. The Turbo Levo SL’s 240-watt Specialized SL 1.1 motor can double any effort to go farther and faster with a natural and smooth feel at the pedals.

The Turbo Levo SL’s advanced motor and lithium-ion batteries offer the best range and speed to tackle all truly massive rides. Mission Control App also can handle battery management automatically so the user will always have enough power when needed.

The Mission Control app allows the user to record rides, control the range, or custom-tune the Turbo Levo SL’s power delivery. This app is an awesome technology created to connect the user to the trail and focus on the ride. The S-Works Turbo Levo SL Founder’s Edition is also available, limited to just 250 bikes worldwide.

Turbo Levo SL 1

Turbo Levo SL 2

Turbo Levo SL 3