With the best performance and awesome speed, COWBOY is a perfect electric bike for urban riders. The sustained acceleration can be achieved with a single gear only and it is very easy to take any hill in a persistent high-gear ratio. This bike is also equipped with flashing brake light and hydraulic brakes for safety.

The front and rear lights on COWBOY can complete the design frame and easy to be seen by other riders on the road. The rear brake light of this bike flashes automatically when the bike senses any speed decreasing. This bike offers a convenient way to recharge the battery with its removable built-in battery.

It only takes 3.5 hours to have a 100% charge of the battery to reach a 7 km range. COWBOY also has a minimal, sleek design with essential details. It is a 16 kg bike with a low maintenance rubber and glass fibre belt, 42 mm wide tires, and front- and rear-wheel mudguards.

The connected app allows the riders to hold the digital key to this bike and the quickest route. The app has built-in GPS tracking t ensure COWBOY is always in range and a live chat to share anything with the team. This app also helps the riders to find repair shops nearby.