From Peugeot Cycles, eF01 comes as a solution to optimize daily commute due to the folding system which is very innovative. It is a powerful and compact electric motor for everyone to arrive effortlessly at the office. This agile and practical electric-assist folding bike is designed with the best materials and technology.

The folding aluminum frame has an attractive folding system for easy travel and comfortable feeling in riding. eF01 offers a single-sided aluminum fork that makes this bike easy to fold up by blocking one side of the wheel only. The construction is unique and also high-quality, a distinctive feature of this bike.

The maximum speed is about 20 km/h with a range of up to 30 km. The weight of eF01 is 18.60 kg with 208 Wh battery and Peugeot allure for the saddle. The display is an LED walk-assist while the chain guard is Hebei and completed with integral protection. This bike comes in black -blue colors.

EF01 Peugeot Cycles 1

EF01 Peugeot Cycles 2

EF01 Peugeot Cycles 3