These are not regular earbuds but a small hearable technology for world-class brands. EAR Micro is designed, engineered, and also produced as micro ear-computers. The tiny form of these earbuds offers limitless customizable styles and sizes. The onboard micro-computer inside allows for limitless programmable experiences and the best audiophile quality sound.

EAR Micro consists of wap-out, upgrade and customize parts to fit any customers’ lifestyle. Its tiny form factors fit discretely and fully inside the ear and its design comes in a sleek, gorgeous and contemporary look. This unique ‘chassis’ design allows for infinite customization to meet any style of the customers.

It is the world’s smallest micro-hearable technology and the world’s smallest (2.78 cu cm) at one-half the size of most earbuds. EAR Micro is also the lightest earbuds in the industry with 3.6 grams in weight only. The perfect fit is ensured by its tiny 6mm diameter audio nozzle.

For the sound, EAR Micro offers the world’s best-sounding wearables ever, partnered with the world-class audio brands. It has 96khz/24-bit hi-res audio playback capability, Custom Klipsch-tuned Sonion balanced armature, Set-it and forget-it™ auto equalization recall, and 10-band programmable parametric digital equalization.

The technology in EAR Micro can host the most native apps to provide bio-feedback work with IoT Devices. These smart earbuds are also equipped with SDK for customizable programming, programmable touch, voice and motion interface, 6-axis gyroscope, and Quad-core ARM CPU running Bragi OS.

The high-resolution audio and telephony capabilities in EAR Mirco means the users can adjust the world levels around them. With the hands-free control, there is no need to fumble around with a smartphone, and IoT Devices offer an easy way to run a car, a home, and any other internet-connected device only from ears.

EAR Micro 1

EAR Micro 2

EAR Micro 3

EAR Micro 4