The latest VeeGo 750 is designed to deliver the best performance and features. This electric bike has 750 Watts of true power output, a multi-power mode LCD computer with USB charging, rust-proof fenders, an integrated rear rack, and integrated lighting with turn signals.

VeeGo 750 comes with everything needed to ride. It is 99% assembled with cloud 9 cruiser seat, heavy-duty rear rack, and full-length fenders pre-installed. This electric bike is also designed to perform with dual LED headlight, 13 and 17.5 Ah batteries, and 28 mph max assisted speed.

The new features in VeeGo 750 include 11-32 gearing, Kenda K-shield tires, Altus derailleur, 3 Amp fast charger, and optional hydraulic brakes. The total weight of this electric bike is 63 lbs and it takes 3 to 5 hours of charge time. With plenty of power and accessories, this electric bike is perfect for both a fun ride and a new great adventure.

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