Tag: Electric Bike

  • Cowboy Electric Bike

    Cowboy Electric Bike

    Recently, the Cowboy brand released a new urban electric bike from their electric bicycle lineup called the Cowboy 4 Electric Bike.

  • SUPER73-S2


    The super73 S2 is a high-performance street-legal electric motorbike that doesn’t require you to have a license or registration to ride. 

  • Specialized Turbo Como SL

    Specialized Turbo Como SL

    Recently, Specialized has announced the release of the Turbo Como Super Light which is a new version of its Como eBike. 

  • Brompton Electric Folding Bike

    Brompton Electric Folding Bike

    Brompton is a bicycle brand that is on the rise. Recently, the bikemaker is jumping into the trend wagon by producing electric bikes dubbed Brompton Electric Folding Bike.

  • Bianchi e-Omnia

    Bianchi e-Omnia

    Bicycles are pioneers of electric mobility, and Bianchi proves it. The bikes have no doubt the merit of being a pioneer of electric mobility. However, e-bikes continue to hold up and even strengthen, as Bianchi does with the new e-Omnia family.

  • ENVO Electric SnowBike Kit

    ENVO Electric SnowBike Kit

    There are a lot of accessories and kits for transforming traditional bikes into electric bikes before. Some of them only need to change the wheel, while others require more extensive conversions. But it is rare to see a kit that can turn a normal bike…

  • Linus Ero 500

    Linus Ero 500

    Based on the famous Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California, a US company recently introduced the Linus ERO 500.

  • Serial 1

    Serial 1

    Harley-Davidson recently jumps on a trend wagon and finally showed its homemade e-bike. The e-bikes that came under the spin-off brand dubbed Serial 1 will be available in 4 different models.

  • Gogoro Eeyo 1

    Gogoro Eeyo 1

    Marking the track with an electric scooter Gogoro has now launched the Eeyo 1. The announcement was considered the first step that the Taiwanese startup took in entering the electric bicycle market.