Bicycles are pioneers of electric mobility, and Bianchi proves it. The bikes have no doubt the merit of being a pioneer of electric mobility. However, e-bikes continue to hold up and even strengthen, as Bianchi does with the new e-Omnia family.

Bianchi E Omnia 2



The Bianchi e-Omnia range is based on three guidelines: design, functionality, and integration, with particular attention to the comfort and safety of those who travel by bike for work, study, and leisure.

They are e-bikes of great qualitative depth and designed for three types of use: City, Tourer and Mountain, for women and men, for athletes and amateurs.

Bianchi E Omnia 3

On the other hand, Bianchi has always been able to look ahead, despite its glorious sporting history, and already launched the Lif-e program for a new and technological approach to mobility.

Bianchi E Omnia 4



The new e-bike platform powered by Bosch allows up to 8,500 combinations of colors, accessories, and technical specifications. A Bianchi e-Omnia model can really have everything the customer wants, from the ABS on the braking system to the integrated lights positioned in the front, rear, and sides, capable of emitting 40 Lux.

Bianchi E Omnia 4

The engine that powers all e-Omnia models is the Bosch Performance Line CX, which is very bright with its 85 Nm of torque that reduces fatigue to a minimum. The batteries are 500 Wh and 625 Wh, but there is also the option for a double battery.


Type and Prices

Bianchi has already prepared three categories of e-Omnia, City, Tourer, and MTB. And in order to complete the concept of “everything” that they offer, the bikemaker has also crafted five types of bikes. C Type for the City, T Type, and FT Type for the Tourer. Last but not least, the MTB category is jammed with X Type and FX Type.

Bianchi E Omnia 5

Each category will have different user support, autonomy level, and price tag. The urban e-Omnia is marketed starting from 3.320 € while the Tourer and MTB are priced at 3.370 € and 3.450 € respectively.

As for the Bianchi e-Omnia configurator, it is available at the web address: