To allow everyone to escape on the paths, Canyon unveils its E-Gravel, the Grail: ON, the worthy heir to the Grail.

Canyon Grail On 6



The Grail: ON inherits all the distinctive features that made the muscular version so popular. The key element is the Double Decker cockpit: the special arrangement of the fibers and the shape designed to release the high grip from vibrations minimize arm fatigue on uneven surfaces without the use of heavy suspension elements.

Canyon Grail On 3

The same concept is found in the VCLS 2.0 Seatpost, flexible up to 3 cm to absorb any roughness. The lightweight frame, combined with specially designed components and high volume tires, enhances the off-road capabilities of the Grail: ON.

Canyon Grail On 5

The result in terms of driveability is guaranteed by low weight of less than 16 kg. The wide range of sizes (2XS-2XL) and the minimalist silhouette already winner of the Red Dot Design Award make the Grail: ON a tremendous bike.

The wheelbase has been lengthened. The 50mm tires will provide the necessary stability and comfort and greater grip power to cope with engine torque on sandy or gravel terrain.

Canyon Grail On 4

It adopts a more “relaxed” position which also improves the comfort of its user. All Grail-ONs are equipped with DT Swiss e-gravel wheels and single-chainring transmissions.

Canyon Grail On 1


Electric Motor

Electric assistance is vested in the latest generation of Bosch motor, the Performance Line CX Gen4, a powerful and torquey motor that was originally developed for E-MTBs.

Canyon Grail On 7

it has 4 levels of assistance (Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo). From light assistance for long distances to the real boost for dealing with a steep climb, the choice is vast.

This engine offers a torque of 85Nm and up to 340% pedaling power assistance. Even at the highest levels, assistance remains progressive. Weighing 2.9kg, the motor is associated with a 500Wh battery, which gives it up to 120 km of autonomy.



The Grail-ON is already available on the Canyon website. The range consists of 2 models ranging from $5,799 to $6,999.

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