Suzuki Jimny is getting the attention of the reborn generation that came a year ago. But this time, the topic is not about that but rather a Suzuki Jimny rat rod concept.

In all honesty, a rat rod concept with Jimny doesn’t seem to make any sense. If the opportunity arose to change a Jimny, the most likely thing would be to sharpen the already excellent off-road skills and not stick the car closer to the asphalt.

Resu Jimny Ratrod 5



The author of this 3D model, identified as les83machines in Béhance – behind the nick is Leo Esteves, art director, and motion designer. Why did the designer from Caracas do that? The answer to the question is simple: “I really like deep cars.”

Resu Jimny Ratrod 4

There is, of course, a little more to it than that. This project aimed to put the merging of two different lines on paper. Crouching down and performing goes hand in hand with a raw and angular terrain charm.

Resu Jimny Ratrod 6

Rat Rod

It is still too polished to see Jimny with a pure and hard rat rod; this concept usually adopts a much more worn and deconstructed look. But the essence is there, with the wheels being “pushed” out, without any cover, lowering it properly.

Resu Jimny Ratrod 8

It doesn’t make sense to use the little Japanese all-terrain for this type of transformation, but maybe that’s why this Suzuki Jimny rat rod is so fascinating.

Resu Jimny Ratrod 7

But this is not the first time Leo Esteves transformed a Jimny as a rat rod – nor was it the first all-terrain that received this treatment. His other Jimny rat rod turns out to be much more faithful to the concept, based on a first-generation Jimny from 1977.

Resu Jimny Ratrod 3