Alpha Ace 6
Since the automaker world is competitive, not many will know Alpha. But it is possibly going to change soon. The car manufacturer from Italy has just released an electric car called Alpha Ace with a minimalist exterior and interior approach.
Mansory Coastline 8
What happens if a Rolls Royce went on a costly modification? This is then precisely what Mansory, a home modification from Germany, did. The company transformed Rolls Royce Cullinan and turned it into the Mansory Coastline.
Nissan Z Proto 4
After various teasers and speculative renders on the air, here is the Nissan Z Proto, which will become the forerunner of the latest Nissan Fairlady Z. Although it seems very new, this car actually still uses the old Nissan 370Z chassis. At the launch event, Nissan explained that the main inspiration for this car was the Fairlady 240Z and Fairlady 300ZX.
Daon Tnt Ravy 2
If you are running away from the various difficulties of setting up a tent or if owning a caravan is too expensive for you, there are brand new alternatives now. The new vehicle is called Ravy.
Bentley Blower Continuation Series 12
Recently, Bentley revives a Pre-WWI vehicle: the Blower Continuation Series. The result of the hard work of the team at Bentley Mulliner, the car coded Car Zero, which was made in 1930, reportedly took up to 40,000 hours to produce.
Canoo Mpdv 2
Canoo is one of these new players who want to revolutionize the automobile by offering electric vehicles in segments that car manufacturers are reluctant to venture into. With the MPDV, the Californian startup has presented a battery-powered delivery van that is particularly suitable for small businesses and delivering goods over the last mile.
Aston Martin Vantage Legacy Edition 5
Aston Martin has an incredible journey in the world of competition. Still, without a doubt, one of its most successful periods, and by the way more recent, began in 2008 and ended in 2018 with its Vantage model as the main protagonist.
Mclaren 765lt 3
The McLaren 765LT was officially revealed to the public as the fastest model in their current Super Series family. The presence of the 765LT complements the range of Longtail versions of the existing McLaren model.
Lamborghini Sc20 4
Lamborghini has officially unveiled a roofless supercar, the SC20, built to fulfill one wealthy customer's desires. Using the Aventador model design, this luxury supercar is claimed to have various advantages.
Nobe 100 Gt 2
Electric cars and retro cars are one of the significant trends in today's automotive industry. The Estonians approached the topic differently, and this is how Nobe 100 was created.